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دكتور معمل


١. شهادة الطبيب المعملي هي واحدة من الشهادات الي يسهل الحصول عليها نسبياً بالمقارنة مع الشهادات الاخرة. د

٢. يعمل كثير من العاملين بالمجال الطبي عند قدومهم من مصر مثل الاطباء و الصيادلة بالتقدم للحصول علي هذة الشهادة لسرعة الحصول عليها. فقد تمكن كثيرين من المتقدمين من الحصول عليها في غضون بضعة اشهر. ي

  ٣. تنبيه : لا تعتمد اعتماد كلي علي المعلومات المكتوبة في هذة الصفحة و ذلك لتغير المعلومات و القوانين من الحين و الاخر دون علم ادارة الموقع


Step 1: Visit the CDPH Laboratory Field Services (LFS) website at and review information on licensure requirements and the application process.

If you have questions about requirements, please contact us at

Step 2: Complete a certifying examination.

  1. If you are not certified by ASCP (or ASCPi outside the United States), AAB, or AMT, schedule your exam with one of these certifying organizations. For contact information, please visit our webpage at

No qualification letter or application ID is required if you are taking the exam for California licensure only.

  1. If you are already certified by one of the approved organizations, request your certifying organization to send you verification of your certificate with the date you passed the exam.

Please note: LFS accepts certification for CLS generalist licensure from the following organizations if the exam was taken after the date specified:

  1. ASCP, after 10/1/2002
  2. AAB, after 1/1/203
  3. ASCPi, after 3/1/2004
  4. AMT, after 1/1/2014

You will upload your certification document to your online application during the application process.

Step 3: Request your official transcripts from all universities or colleges you attended.

Please have transcripts sent directly from the registrar’s office to LFS at

CDPH – Laboratory Field Services
850 Marina Bay Parkway
Building P, 1stfloor
Richmond, CA 94804

Attn: CLS Program

All non-U.S. transcripts must be evaluated by “Current Members” of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or “Endorsed Members” of the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE). This allows LFS to determine if your education is equivalent to a U.S. college or university education. Transcripts evaluated by these agencies before August 15, 2016, are not acceptable. Before August 15, 2016, only evaluations by AACRAO are acceptable.

To obtain an application, instructions, and information, visit NACES or AICE on the web:

Please note: you must submit a course by course evaluation.

The evaluation service will send an evaluation of your educational institution and academic courses directly to LFS. Please have the evaluation service send your evaluation directly to LFS at

CDPH – Laboratory Field Services
850 Marina Bay Parkway
Building P, 1stfloor
Richmond, CA 94804

Attn: CLS Program

Step 4: Request verification of your clinical training or work experience.

Verification letters should use the following format:

  1. Verification of training
  • Letters of verification of training must be on training program letterhead and must be signed by the director of the training program director verifying that this training has been successfully completed.
  • Letters should document the applicant’s training, appropriate to the specific license for which the applicant is applying, including the following:
    • Name and address of training program
    • Dates of training
    • Specialty and subspecialty areas of training
    • Length of time in each specialty and subspecialty area of training
  1. Verification of experience
  • Letters of verification of experience must be on laboratory letterhead and must be signed by the CLIA director of the laboratory.
  • Letters should document the applicant’s experience, appropriate to the specific license for which the applicant is applying, including the following information:
    • Name and address of facility
    • CLIA number
    • Dates of employment
    • Number of hours per week employed
    • The specialties and subspecialties in which clinical laboratory tests or examinations were performed
    • A description of clinical laboratory tests or examinations performed

You will upload your verification letter during the application process.

Step 5: Apply online. .aspx

Visit our website at information about how to create an account in the PERL online application system.

If you have problems creating an account or logging into an existing account, submit a Cherwell help ticket using this link:, or use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the screen to submit a ticket.

Step 6: Upload your supporting  documents.

As part of the online application process you must upload

  • Verification of clinical training signed by program director, or
  • Verification of experience document signed by lab director.
  • Verification of certifying exam.

Please note: you will not be able to complete the application without uploading these documents.

Step 7: Complete the quiz on California law online.

You will need an ID number to take this quiz.

Please send an email requesting your ID number to use “CA Law Online Quiz for CLS Licensure” as the subject line.

When you have successfully completed the quiz, upload your result to your application. Your application will not be complete until you upload your quiz results.